The water in the palms of her hands

A white wooden-door of Elite Cafe was ajar with just five visitors were enjoying a Saturday night in it. A low temperature of three air conditioners in the cafe lost to the warmness of the surrounding even on the night when the clock was getting closer to midnight.

Two baristas were gazing at their brown middle size of the cups putting on a table. Each of them was beginning to decorate the top of the cappuccino with flowers images. Five customers were quite making them busy enough to kill the stillness of the night until they heard additional sound from the door.

A woman wearing read headscarf was making her way into it. A black slim laptop was on her left hand while a vintage red bag was hanging loosely upon her right shoulder. On her way to the empty chair situated in one of the café’s corners the guests’ eyes were following her movements for she became the sole female customer joining the night owls.

Chubby cheeks, a well-rounded face, curvy hips, short and fatty. She was placing the laptop on the table then immersing herself in thoughts and imaginations. Her current world was hypnotizing her that she didn’t take a damn look over the plenty of eyes looking at her side once in a while.

A cup of black coffee and three donuts were ready to quench her appetite desires in just few minutes. As such, she was becoming more and more absorbed in what she was doing. Her phone was waking her up from the job.

“Hi! What’s up?”

“So, you join me here? But don’t disturb me, okay?”, she said.

She was frowned her face, inhaling a deep breath then proceeded. Thirty minutes elapsed with no new visitors were welcomed. Just after she sighed, the door was opened again. A tall, dark-haired man with sunglasses on was walking toward the chair the woman was sitting. And the woman kept thinking and typing. She didn’t even look at the man sitting next to her.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here? Why didn’t you call me in the last few days? What it took you so long to reply my messages?”

He was bombarding her with a lot of questions that were making the visitors looking at the woman’s table once again with more curiosity. But she didn’t even utter a word. Her mind was still on the screen she left it untouched for a while for sparing time to think.

“Why are so cold to me like this? Am I no one for you?”, he said.

“After all you did to me now you think of me as a stranger?”

She stopped looking at the screen. She put it down, sipped the remaining coffee in the cup then offering one donut to him.

“No, I am full already. Thank you,” he said.

After she was eating all the donuts she was putting the laptop inside of her bag. She finally broke the silence.

“I am overwhelmed by the love you give me. I am so scared of losing you. That’s why I distance myself from you. I want to try living without you.”

He was shaking his head while his eyes were still on those of hers. No words coming out from his mouth anymore as few minutes went by. She, meanwhile, was focusing many of the attention to the windows as rain was mildly pouring down the road.

“You should have considered how far the game of love would bring you. You’re not serious with me,” he said.

“I am not playing with your heart. I just don’t realize your huge love scares the hell out of me. I am afraid I cannot love as much as you do,” she said.

Another mute moment went on.

“Well then. Good bye!”

He got up, moved the chair away then took only few steps to have let the door were closed. Her eyes still unmoved from the point she had set at, a void. She took the bag, paid the bill then left it, too.

Days went by without him no longer texting her sweet good morning greetings. No more night closed with brief sleep messages or calls before she shut her eyes. That was when she realized another drop of water slipping by her fingers. She now understood she was guilty of setting up the flame in his heart.


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