Finding Our Way Back to the Right Path

Our own life is sweeter than fiction. We only need to look inward.

If our lives were home made of bricks, have you ever thought how many bricks it would require? Strong, well-arranged bricks will certainly lead to solid house that stays tall against heavy rainfall or lightning. The type of bricks doesn’t come in easy. For each brick, there requires dense clay that later undergo careful molding. After being put in square-shaped blocks, the clay are exposed to burning sun. Then, the clay turn into red bricks, ready to shape a robust and resilient house.

From the flabby clay to the tough house, our journey undergoes similar process. A weak baby each of us was, Alloh swt allowed us to have grown into well-built human being. With that physical development, emotional and spiritual experiences have accompanied our growth.

Each of us is His perfect creation that gains strength through physical, spiritual and physiological trials and tribulations. Yet, we don’t sometimes notice the loopholes and thorns that once sting our skin and tear us apart. We forget how we once cry ourselves to sleep with heart completely broken. We can’t seem remind ourselves how tears rolling down our cheeks with eyes staring at bus window.

We let our mind remember more on problems, not on how we manage to survive. We count our lives on people’ supports not on Alloh swt and our own soul. We thank friends and relatives on their helps. We send emojis for their time listening to our problems. We forget that even before we open our mouth or type the words, Alloh swt is listening and knowing.

We rely on His creations because He is the Unseen. We can’t talk to Him face-to-face. We can’t get His written message or hear His words that straightly answers our problems. We run to self-help books, positive quotes, hadists, songs, movies and friends because they are visible.

Until there comes the time when the books no longer satisfy our hearts. The quotes convey the same messages. We read the same hadists over and over again. The songs and the movies don’t feel good anymore. And we realize our friends are mere human beings who get bored with our same stories. And that they can get exhausted just to reply our message with sweet emoticons.

The already painful scar hurt us even more with unmet expectations. We can’t believe we feel completely alone. There’s no one who can listen to us as we expect them. In the darkness, suddenly we feel there’s a helping hand that pushes us going up from the hole of a tunnel that bury us under. A ray illuminates at tunnel’s end that encourages us to just keep going. And once we take small steps, our feet get lighter to trod on.

The tunnel is now lost and nowhere as our eyes look forward. Unlike previous misery that leaves us with void hole in the hearts, we recognize something different. We get refreshed and purified. The hole in the hearts is now completed. We now hold on unwavering grip.

Bismillahirohmanirrohim, ya Alloh swt please help us not losing this unexpected gift. Assist us to hang on it as life gets harder to live by, amiiin..



Is He really number 1 in our lives? (Inspired by Nouman Ali Khan)

Agreeing that Alloh swt is the Creator of the universe is easy. Accepting that He is the One who decides outcome of our attempts and organizes our lives is not that simple, for some believers.

During pre-Islam era, doing syirk was visible. Idols, statues, trees, animals, sun, among others, were gods for certain tribes or nations. Sometimes we thought that after Islam came, syirk was no longer present among us in modern time. But syirk remains exist and this may not be realized for some believers. I myself was one of them. Alhamdulillah, Alloh swt saved me. He gave me time to have realized that I had some other gods. Through very painful experiences, He handed a very precious gift that the more I am holding to it tightly, the more I am so blessed to be His slave. That gift was coming back to Him sincerely.

Alloh swt presents each and every of His slave unique experience through which he or she can hopefully understand what goes wrong in his or her life. My story? It relates to my romance life. I had been falling with some men since I was a university student. Lately, I realized that Alloh swt brought these amazing men into my life to have taught me that I had very weak iman (faith) on Him. It was very easy for me to have made these men into my other gods.

I depended how my days looked like upon my interactions with them. My mood was based on their attitudes to me. Fighting for their love, acceptance became my number one goal. Alloh swt was mostly nowhere. I believed I would be happy if I won their love and attention.

This pattern occurred several times until one day Alloh swt met me with another man who eventually from him Alloh swt forced me to have learnt about what true iman is in hardest way ever. So confusing that I had no one to have turned to, but Alloh swt. At that time, I left my problem to Him then learnt to reduce my expectation on people. Alhamdulillah, that was the time when I completely reinforced my iman and has been clasping it through ups and downs.

Some may encounter different ways. There are people who devote most of their lives for money, health, travelling, spouses and even children. When they do, they may indirectly make His creations into their other gods. The indications are they only remember Alloh swt during salah. What occupy their minds most are their problems or His creations.

Some think mostly how to reduce how many kilograms within certain weeks or months. Others focus on how to earn this or that much money within targeted time. Others revolve their lives around their kids’ successful lives. Worse, there are some who don’t realize they make their egos as other gods. They force upon things or people so that they do or say as they wish them to. They justify their behaviors. They believe they are better than others and don’t take critics. Those are the times when they no longer make Alloh swt as the top priority in their lives.

When that happens, their intentions are not for Alloh swt. When they perform salah, they wish for certain things or people. When they pray, they beg Alloh swt for realizing their wishes. While as a matter of fact, as a humble servant, we must know our position. We can ask for certain things or people but not beg Him to grant our wishes. Because it is only Alloh swt who knows best and what will go unjust in our lives if we persist on demanding the same things or people.

For myself, maintaining iman and khusnudzon to Allloh swt is very difficult task in times when everything demands visible or written evidence. Add to that is public’ expectations, stereotypes and “normalcy” and seemingly endless problems that come into my life. Alhamdulillah, again, I have been learning to no longer relying upon myself alone. I have been internalizing His guidance in Alqur’an as a stick or solid rope in this life. With that said, I hope I am on the right track to always make Alloh swt is my number 1.

Reference: “Master and Slaves”, a video by Nouman Ali Khan by Bayyinah Institute.

Seandainya 3 Peristiwa Monumental Nabi Musa As Ini Dibuat Jadi Film..

بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Bukan tanpa alasan saat #StoryNightJakarta, Nouman Ali Khan menyebut beberapa kali judul animasi bikinan Hollywood, mulai dari The Lion King hingga Finding Nemo. Beberapa penggalan penting dalam hidup Nabi Musa as memang seperti fiksi saja, sukar masuk dalam nalar pikiran manusia. Berikut aku cuplikkan tiga di antaranya, kesemuanya bersumber dari dakwah Nouman Ali Khan:

  1. Saat bayi Musa dibawa ke hadapan Fir’aun

Yang pertama nggak disinggung oleh Nouman Ali Khan saat di Balai Kartini. Aku mengetahui cerita ini melalui salah satu video, yang mohon maaf, udah lupa judulnya, hehe. Dari cerita bagian ini Nouman Ali Khan membuatku sadar betapa banyak penggalan hidup Nabi Musa As yang seperti adegan film.

Setelah bayi Musa dihanyutkan oleh ibunya sendiri supaya tidak dibunuh oleh tentara Fir’aun, sampailah bayi mungil tersebut ke tangan istri Fir’aun. Pada saat bersamaan, Fir’aun sedang mengumpulkan jenderalnya terkait keinginannya membunuh bayi laki-laki yang baru lahir. Di tengah suasana rapat yang memanas, tiba-tiba pintu ruangan terbuka lalu masuklah istri Fir’aun dengan membawa bayi Musa yang menggemaskan.

Seketika Fir’aun langsung takjub melihat bayi Musa. Rapat terhenti sejenak lalu Fir’aun menjadi lupa bahwa ia sedang mengumpulkan jenderal untuk membunuh bayi karena melihat bayi Musa yang polos dan lucu.

  1. Saat Nabi Musa as mengkonfrontasi Fir’aun

Dengan pakaian seadanya, Nabi Musa as dan Harun as, saudaranya, memasuki istana Fir’aun. Bangunan megah dengan standar keamanan tinggi mereka lewati demi menyampaikan misi tentang Alloh swt sebagai Tuhan semesta alam dan meminta Fir’aun membebaskan Bani Israil dari perbudakan.

Keduanya nggak membawa senjata, tidak berpakaian berbalut baja atau besi. Tidak membawa kuda gagah atau pengawalan lengkap. Tetapi dua-duanya percaya diri mendatangi seorang tirani dengan reputasi bengis, otoriter dan kuat saat itu. Nabi Musa as datang bukannya tanpa masa lalu yang ia sudah lupakan, yakni pengalaman pahit saat ia tak sengaja membunuh salah satu petugas keamanan Fir’aun. Untungnya Alloh swt sudah memberikan motivasi yang singkat tapi merangkum semua kecemasan nabi Musa as saat itu, yakni QS Asy-Syura ayat 15:

قَالَ كَلَّاۚ فَاذْهَبَا بِاٰيٰتِنَآ اِنَّا مَعَكُمْ مُّسْتَمِعُوْنَ ۙ

(Allah) berfirman, “Jangan takut (mereka tidak akan dapat membunuhmu)! Maka pergilah kamu berdua dengan membawa ayat-ayat Kami (mukjizat-mukjizat); sungguh, Kami bersamamu mendengarkan (apa yang mereka katakan),

Saat Nabi Musa as masuk ke singgasana Fir’aun tampak jenderal dan para pengawal mengelilingi Fir’aun. Tahta yang megah, ruangan yang begitu luas dan fasilitas tirani yang mewah. Sedangkan Nabi Musa as dan Harun as datang “hanya” bermodal mukjizat dari Alloh swt, yakni kata-kata. Secara sekilas, jurang persiapan fisik dan amunisi yang njomplang tampak dari dua kubu ini.

Yang satu terlihat superior dan yang satunya tampak mini, nggak ada apa-apanya. Siapa sangka dari pemandangan yang terlihat jauh perbedaannya ini, kata-kata Nabi Musa as mengungkirbalikkan kekuatan tirani terbesar dunia saat itu.

  1. Dari rencana pertunjukan sihir menjadi dakwah yang disponsori oleh Fir’aun

Bagian ke-3 terjadi setelah Fir’aun mulai kalah oleh Nabi Musa as. Ia memanggil beberapa tukang sihir di Mesir untuk menghadapi Nabi Musa as. Alloh swt mendokumentasikan peristiwa ini dalam surat Asy-Syura ayat 36 hingga 51. Tadinya Fir’aun berfikir para penyihir tersebut akan menang melawan Nabi Musa as sekaligus mematahkan ajaran tauhid yang ia bawa. Tak pelak, Fir’aun mengumpulkan seluruh rakyat Mesir agar mereka tahu secara langsung bahwa Nabi Musa as adalah seorang pembohong. Para penyihir juga menyepakati sebab dijanjikan imbalan uang oleh Fir’aun sendiri.

Nyatanya, keadaaan berbalik 180 derajat. Alloh swt justru memberikan Nabi Musa as panggung pertama sekaligus akbar untuk berdakwah. Nabi Musa as meminta para penyihir untuk melemparkan tali temali dan tongkat mereka. Kemudian Nabi Musa as melemparkan tongkatnya yang lalu memakan benda-benda palsu yang mereka ada-adakan itu.

Pada akhirnya, para penyihir tersebut malah sujud dan beriman kepada Alloh swt. Susah payah Fir’aun mengumpulkan para penyihir, merendahkan diri dengan segala iming-iming uang dan kekuasaan pada penyihir tersebut, mengumpulkan rakyat berharap mereka masih menganggapnya Tuhan. Hingga pada akhirnya, Alloh swt mengubah momen tersebut menjadi konvensi dakwah Nabi Musa as sendiri tanpa beliau susah payah mempersiapkannya. Fir’aun lah yang melakukan semuanya.

Bergelar Ulul Azmi Sekalipun, Nabi Musa AS Tetaplah Manusia Biasa

بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Nabi Musa as merupakan salah satu nabi dengan sematan gelar Ulul Azmi berkat ketabahannya yang luar biasa. Pun demikian ia tetaplah manusia biasa yang mempunyai rasa takut dan cemas saat menerima perintah dari Alloh swt. Nouman Ali Khan menggarisbawahi fase penting ini saat Nabi Musa as menerima perintah dari Alloh swt untuk berbicara dengan Fir’aun guna memperingatkan perilakunya yang sudah melampaui batas.

Dokumentasi tahap ini Alloh swt sebutkan dalam surat asy-Syu’ara’ (Para Penyair), surat ke-26 dalam Alqur’an ayat ke-10 hingga ke-14. Nabi Musa as tidak mengira, Alloh swt memintanya kembali ke Mesir untuk berkonfrontasi langsung dengan Fir’aun setelah beberapa tahun meninggalkan negaranya tersebut agar tidak dibunuh oleh pejabat Mesir paska pembunuhan yang tidak sengaja ia lakukan.

Ketika menerima perintah langsung tersebut, Nabi Musa as sadar betul kemampuannya. Belum lagi, beliau masih teringat dengan kesalahan di masa lalu. Sehingga terjadilah dialog antara Alloh swt dan Nabi Musa as sebagai berikut:

وَاِذْ نَادٰى رَبُّكَ مُوْسٰٓى اَنِ ائْتِ الْقَوْمَ الظّٰلِمِيْنَ ۙ

10. Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhanmu menyeru Musa (dengan firman-Nya), “Datangilah kaum yang zalim itu,

قَوْمَ فِرْعَوْنَ ۗ اَلَا يَتَّقُوْنَ

11. (yaitu) kaum Fir‘aun. Mengapa mereka tidak bertakwa?”

قَالَ رَبِّ اِنِّيْٓ اَخَافُ اَنْ يُّكَذِّبُوْنِ ۗ

12. Dia (Musa) berkata, “Ya Tuhanku, sungguh, aku takut mereka akan mendustakan aku,

وَيَضِيْقُ صَدْرِيْ وَلَا يَنْطَلِقُ لِسَانِيْ فَاَرْسِلْ اِلٰى هٰرُوْنَ

13. sehingga dadaku terasa sempit dan lidahku tidak lancar, maka utuslah Harun (bersamaku).

وَلَهُمْ عَلَيَّ ذَنْۢبٌ فَاَخَافُ اَنْ يَّقْتُلُوْنِ ۚ

14. Sebab aku berdosa terhadap mereka, maka aku takut mereka akan membunuhku.”

Nabi Musa as tidak langsung mengiyakan perintah dari Alloh swt. Ada lima alasan yang beliau kemukakan; takut dibilang pembohong, dadanya terasa sempit, lidahnya yang tidak lancar berbicara dikarenakan kekurangan bicaranya. Maka Nabi Musa as merekomendasikan saudaranya, Harun as, yang ia nilai lebih cakap dalam berbicara. Nabi Musa as tidak menampik takut akan dibunuh. Terlebih dari semuanya, Nabi Musa as takut akan dihinakan di hadapan rakyat Mesir akibat dosanya di masa lalu.

Nouman Ali Khan sengaja mengambil bagian ini untuk menyindir orang yang menurutnya “lebih Islami dari Islam yang sesungguhnya”. Dengan berbekal “Allohu akbar” lalu memotivasi orang untuk rela mati, sebagai contoh. Padahal Alloh swt melalui Islam sangat memaklumi rasa cemas dan takut. Tidak perlu malu pula mengakui seorang muslim butuh bantuan orang lain, terutama dari keluarga sendiri.

Nouman juga menyebut terkadang ketakutan terbesar dalam diri manusia adalah memperoleh penghinaan, seperti yang dialami oleh Nabi Musa as di atas. Beliau takut Fir’aun akan mengungkit pembunuhan yang dia lakukan di masa lalu dan menjadikannya senjata untuk menyerang balik sebelum ia melaksanakan misi mulianya.

#StoryNightJakarta Nouman Ali Khan (Bagian I) Pentingnya Mengakrabi Kisah Nabi Musa AS Lagi dan Lagi

بِسْمِ اللّٰهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

“Hmm.. Nabi Musa lagi ya?”

Begitu yang sigap terlintas di benakku tatkala Nouman Ali Khan membuka #StoryNightJakarta di Balai Kartini, Jakarta Selatan pada Minggu (10/3/2019). Beliau memang khas banget orangnya. Langsung ke pokok cerita tanpa banyak basa-basi. Seolah bisa membaca pikiranku, Nouman Ali Khan menyebut sendiri mengapa sih harus berkisah tentang Nabi Musa as, lagi dan lagi.

Sebelum menyimak malam dongeng itu, aku sudah beberapa kali melahap video Nouman tentang Nabi Musa as, baik yang khusus ataupun penggalan dari kisah hidup nabi ini. Jadi wajar kan jika aku bertanya-tanya apalagi yang mesti aku ketahui dari kisah hidup nabi yang satu ini.

Salah satu aspek yang paling aku kagumi dari Nouman adalah beliau terstruktur dalam berkhutbah. Bahkan saat bercerita super panjang, seperti 3,5 jam malam itu pun, Nouman tetap lurus menjaga maksud dakwah walaupun ia menyisipkan banyak sekali cerita kelakar dan himbauan introspeksi diri. Istilahnya, Nouman bisa menjaga agar nggak ngalor ngidul berkepanjangan.

Langsung saja Nouman mengajakku meninjau kembali mengapa sih harus Nabi Musa as lagi?

Jawabannya ada di kemiripan kisah Nabi Musa as dengan Rosululloh Muhammad saw. Jalan hidup dua nabi ini secara garis besar mengandung banyak persamaan meski hidup pada zaman yang berbeda jauh.

Nouman menyebutkan Nabi Musa as menghadapi dua ujian berat dalam hidupnya, yang pertama dari Fir’aun yang mengaku Tuhan. Kedua datang justru dari kaumnya sendiri, Bani Israil. Sama dengan Nabi Muhammad saw, dimana ujian pertama datang dari suku Quraisy lalu berikutnya datang dari kaum muslimin sendiri saat Islam sudah meraih reputasi.

Menghadapi Fir’aun dan suku Quraisy sama-sama membuat dua utusan Alloh swt ini berjuang mati-matian membuktikan siapa Tuhan yang sebenarnya, bahwa mereka tak lain hanya makhluk ciptaan Tuhan yang tidak berhak mengklaim diri sebagai pencipta langit dan bumi.

Sementara menghadapi kaum sendiri yang munafik lain soal. Baik Nabi Musa as dan Muhammad saw mengalami masalah ini saat mereka terbebas dari persoalan pertama. Istilah umumnya, ada musuh dalam selimut. Untuk kasus Nabi Muhammad saw, Alloh swt sampai menurunkan beberapa surat Madaniyah atau surat yang memang diturunkan di Madinah setelah Nabi Muhammad saw hijrah. Saat itu Islam sudah meraih banyak pengikut tetapi bukan berarti tanpa masalah. Yang ada malah golongan muslim munafik yang merongrong citra baik Islam. Surat Al-Munafiqun (ke-63) adalah salah satu contoh surat yang Alloh swt rekam tentang hal ini.

Poin yang kedua tidak Nouman sebut saat #StoryNightJakarta melainkan dalam salah satu videonya. Rasanya pas bila aku sebut di sini. Persamaan antara dua nabi ini adalah Alloh swt memberikan mukjizat terbesar dalam hidup masing-masing nabi ini justru dari kelemahan mereka.

Nabi Musa as dikenal mempunyai masalah dengan pengucapannya. Tak heran ia malah merekomendasikan saudaranya, Harun as, untuk mengemban misi berbicara dengan Fir’aun. Tetapi Alloh swt berkehendak lain. Ia memberikan mukjizat terbesar berupa kata-kata dalam dialog Nabi Musa AS dengan Fir’aun yang membuat sang tirani tak berkutik.

Sedangkan Nabi Muhammad saw, sebagaimana yang kita tahu, seorang yang buta huruf. Tetapi sabda Alloh swt yang pertama kali turun adalah “iqra’” alias “bacalah”. Padahal Nabi Muhammad saw sama sekali tidak bisa membaca. Selama 22 tahun, 2 bulan dan 22 hari, Alqur’an Alloh swt turunkan melalui perantara malaikat Jibril ke Nabi Muhammad saw. Alqu’ran kemudian dibuat menjadi buku untuk wahyu yang sebenarnya berwujud cerita. Menurut Nouman, alasan Alloh swt membuat Alqur’an berupa cerita adalah karena Alloh swt mengetahui manusia akan lebih mudah mengingat jika berupa cerita, bukan buku teks yang cenderung formal.

Buat aku pribadi refleksi sangat penting dari persamaan terakhir dua manusia teladan ini adalah kita nggak pernah tahu bahwa justru kekurangan kita akan menjadi kelebihan kita nantinya. Dan sebaliknya. Terkadang kita juga nggak mengetahui bahwa sebenarnya kita mampu melakukan hal yang nggak pernah terbayangkan sebelumnya. Di situlah peran Alloh swt sangat besar, untuk memampukan kita melakukan hal di luar nalar kita sendiri. Sebab memang hanya Alloh swt yang memahami apa yang Dia ciptakan. Karena hanya Alloh swt lah yang mengetahui mengapa justru kekurangan atau kelebihan kita yang akan membuat kita mengemban amanah besar dariNya.





Rising our reading bar

Our brains can outstretch more than we can ever imagine. From memories in the past to future plans, our brains can process them all. Within a few seconds, the brain can go from this topic to that issue. Remembering people’ faces, places’ names and vocabulary are few additional things the brains can work.

The brains can either do many things or very few items depending our treatment on them. Much like muscles, the brains require exercises. Gradual workouts will not only enhance the brains working capacity but also help us dealing with memory as we age.

Reading has long been known as a powerful way to train the brains. To keep the brains well working, daily reading is recommended. As information stream has been flowing swifter than ever, readers may get trapped with what type of reading that brings optimum benefit for the brains.

At this point, rising our reading bar is necessary. Whichever kind of materials that you love to read, enhancing our reading preference with good intention can help us so much to keep the brains remain in proper exercise.

First of all, you can stay on the track of reading themes that you really love but now with various sub themes. For instance, you like reading about fashion. While for the past few years, all you read is about latest fashion trend, why don’t you now try gaining insight on history of each fashion item? Don’t you think reading that sub topic will encourage you linking what the fashion item has to do with certain cultural value of specific region or country?

Secondly, you can try reading books about topics that don’t really excite you but they are important. Let us say, you dislike politic but whether you like it or not, politic is vital for each nation building. This may take extra effort to complete reading books about politic but once you try, you give yourself room to open parts of your brains expanding for gathering new knowledge.

The third part can be reading books about controversial issues that stir up conspiracy theories from those interested on them. Find out past cases that bring up discussions among people in the world. Like history about Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Bermuda Triangle and world’s famous leaders that spark your curiosity. Read as many as you can and draw your own conclusion. Doing this will increase your level not only as a reader but as a researcher for the benefits of your brain.

With those recommendations I hope you and I will never get bored in reading. Stay up high in gaining information everyone because our brains need to stay refreshed and smart!

Reading with intention

Most of us agree that reading is a beneficial activity. It enriches our insight, trains our brains and engages us in positive activity. If so, why should we bother ourselves select which materials to be read? For once in a while, we need to put down our books, Kindles or smartphones for pondering over the question.

As technology is getting more advanced, obtaining information nowadays is very easy. Within a few clicks away, the world becomes very near to our very eyes. Words, pictures, and videos of our dream cities, for instance, become so simple to enjoy. Similarly, information stream from even world leaders themselves is accessible. Live stream events through social media becomes ordinary that oftentimes we forget how exclusive it was to get in touch with current events back in 1980s or 1990s.

With quick internet connection provides us room to get to know news and express ourselves through social media, one devastating impact occurs and this has been happening in Indonesia. The negative effect is called hoaxes.

As we can’t control what other people say or write in their blogs or social media accounts, we can do so much to prevent hoaxes having more spaces to tear our society apart. Reading with intention is an alternative way to not only dismiss more hoax potentials emerging in our circle but also upgrade our knowledge level.

So, where and how we start this?

First and foremost, recognize that reading requires our time and surely, we don’t want to spend precious hours reading materials that we know won’t add something to our brain. Filter news, information or books that mostly benefit to our knowledge. We can simply start by reading things on themes that we love the most.

Secondly, get to know elements that make articles carry unchecked, unverified, fabricated facts. Usually, these types of articles provide bombastic titles, use words that will likely excite readers’ attention. Beware when reading these types of articles. Don’t quickly accept what they tell us. Train to check and recheck contents of the articles by comparing them with those from other media.

The third one is enhancing our own reading level. It is definitely fine when we read stories on latest news on entertainment, which movies that get most attention from moviegoers, and such thing. But reading too many articles on artists’ gossips can cost our valuable time and worse, can cause us addiction. At a glance we may feel okay with this because we affirm ourselves that reading is after all a good activity. What some don’t recognize is that reading trashy materials is unhealthy one.

As we practice selecting and filtering which information we read, we will hesitate to share articles that we doubt their facts in our social media network. We will be encouraged to dig deeper which information that is true. We will look for trustworthy media sources that report on the same issues. Only then hoaxes will find smaller and smaller space. Let us get smart in reading. Let us fighting against hoaxes!