About Me



 Hello everyone!

My name is Eny Wulandari, an Indonesian who lives in Jakarta and once in several months I go back home to a small, peaceful village in Karanganyar, Central Java. Two things that define me: sport and literature. I really love reading, writing and watching sport games, especially football and badminton. I am a huge fan of author John Steinbeck, boy band Westlife, footballer Alessandro Del Piero, and Italian football club Juventus. I hope you enjoy my blog and be my friend!

Anyway, here are my literature highlights:

Favorite book: “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck
Favorite writers : John Steinbeck and Thomas Hardy
Favorite fictional character: Michael Henchard
in “The Mayor of Casterbridge” by Thomas Hardy

Saddest novel of all: “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens
The most shocking novel: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte



5 thoughts on “About Me

    • Wow! That is such an honor for me for my writings require a lot of corrections, my readings are still limited. Anyway, thank you very much Sarah. I enjoy reading your blog and really nice to find out that you are also an avid reader, esp. on the Victorian literature.

      • You’re welcome! I also like your passion in Victorian literature and even the like and determination of reading which is not a popular choice and everyday habit in the place you live. Keep posting! 🙂

  1. Eny, if you permit, I’d recomend you a couple of a couple of authors…
    the short stories by both John Cheever and Raymond Carver. And Flannert O’Connor.
    Ulysses, by James Joyce (at least the final chapter!)
    Under the volcano, by Malcolm Lowry.
    The great Gatsby, by Scott Fitzgerald.
    The comrade, by Cesare Pavese.
    The novels (don’t know the English tittles of them!) by Italo Calvino.
    Wise blood, by F. O’Connor.
    On the road, by Jack Kerouac.
    In the search of lost time, by Marcel Proust.
    The Maltese falcon, by Dashiell Hammet.
    not only this, but try to watch another genius (kinda freak of sport!) playing: Lionel Messi (born in Rosario, Argentina, where I was also born)

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