I miss you, my Blog!

Well, it’s probably about four months I have yet to update this amateur blog. Or may be even worse because the last post is about my birthday, which I don’t regard it as an actual content. Blame it to all those translation jobs, office-based or not. Well, no! I receive a handsome amount of money for doing some freelance jobs, so yeah… It’s over (mostly) so I have a VERY few time to write this short of note, you may say so. Since the past December, all I had was nothing but jobs and jobs and jobs. I once wished to spend 2013 with more relaxed moments, loving and caring days with those I love but apparently I got trapped in doing translation jobs. I even forgot on how to write good English. So I force myself to write this for the sake of mind refreshing. I read Thomas Hardy’s Jude The Obsure, such a great book but bleak, dark, very pessimistic book I’ve read so far. I want to review the book but have yet to find time to do that. Currently, I read just another Hardy’s book, this time the book is The Return of the Native. Until I have good moment to review Jude, I’ll just post quick and short notes, videos, or quotes to keep this blog out of idleness. Also, I’d love to share some music moment. Currently, I’m crazy about Bee Gees. Hopefully, I have enough spare time to write long stories. *fingers crossed*