“We’ve Got Tonight”

I accidentally found this song when I missed listening to Lea Michelle’s angelic voice. And hers is as amazing as usual. This video is from Glee Season 4, which, unfortunately does not lure me to watch the season. Perhaps, I get bored or something. Also, there are new characters whom I dislike, at least physically. So, yeah, I think I won’t seek this TV show’s DVDs later on. Anyway, the song has beautiful melody that blows my mind away. Originally sung by Bob Seger in 1979 (I wasn’t even born in that year).

Wild flowers

Dear Wild Flowers,

You can be unnoticed by passers-by
Your name may remain anonymous
None will bother to seek your family name

Scattered and neglected
You may not be as famous as tulips
But for me,

Your presence is a gift
Each pistil and sheath is like an oasis
Among the crowd and busy traffic

To see all around is a magical thing
As you are God’s most artistic creations

Your greatest fan ever,


I took all those pictures after I read You, Me, and Charlie blog initiated by Glee star Dianna Agron. The blog is such inspirational that I now take my cheap pocket camera everywhere I go in a hope I can capture something new and beautiful. Then, I notice I am a huge fan of flowers. May be because I am a woman but probably due to their amazing colors, shapes, and smells. So, I had an idea to take their pictures all along my daily journey to the office from Senayan in Central Jakarta to Rawamangun in the eastern part of the capital. But, I managed only to snap a very few and remain needs to be caught. May be, I’ll come up with more pictures. In the meantime, I dedicate this poor poem for all wild flowers in the world!

If you want to take a look at the amazing blog I mentioned here’s the address: http://www.youmeandcharlie.com. Enjoy!

12 Years On

October 5, 2011 is one of the much-awaited dates in my life. Yes! Westlife is scheduled to hold their fourth concert in Jakarta. It’s like a mini dream comes true. I have been dreaming to watch the Irish boys live in the city. Too long have I kept that personal wish that I sometimes forget I have ever had that kind of silly hope.

The year is 1999. That was one of the crucial years in my school days since I was about to have final exams for junior high school. In between serious days on studying, I happened to listen to “Swear It Again” from one of my favorite radio stations in Surakarta city. I fell for the song once I listened to it. The name of Westlife crossed my mind not long after that. It was from the song called “If I Let You Go” that I admitted they were indeed very tempting. From that, I became part of millions of girls who were madly in love with the boys.

So gradually, I listened to more and more of their songs. “Flying Without Wings” was not on my fave list (but it is now). I became so much in love with them thanks to “Fool Again” although I heard rumors that accused the band from copying similar song from U.K’s Take That. I dont care though!

I started buying Westlife’s first album. I could not stop listening to their songs; all tracks are amazing. Even unpopular ones like “Try Again”, “What I Want Is What I’ve Got,” and “I Miss You” were incredible for me. I wholly enjoyed what they sang even if I didnt really get into what they said. Later did I know on the meanings of the songs, which are quite deep.

After buying the first album, I purchased their posters, magazines that contained their news even only for few pages. I cut their pictures then stick them in the walls of my bedroom. When the news on their first concert in 2000 reached Indonesia, I was so excited yet sad because I knew I was not going to make it. Apart from not having enough money to buy a ticket, I did not have any guts to travel all they way from Karanganyar to Jakarta, which looked like a deadly city for me ( I heard so many unwelcome stories about Jakarta from my neighbors).

On the day when they held the concert in the city, I quickly grabbed for teenage magazine and tabloids to satisty my curiosity on how enthusiastic Jakartans in welcoming the boys. I spent most of my pocket money just to buy those papers. It did not stop there. A couple of days after the concert, I forced my dad to drive me to Surakarta, which is 30 minutes from my home, to seek Kawanku’s special edition on Westlife’s concert. But to no avail. We circled the city from newstand to newstand but empty-handed. The special editions were sold out! I was so devastated.

In order not to get loose from the boys, I stay turned every Friday afternoon in a special programs dedicated for boyband lovers like me. In early 2000s, boybands were so powerful that the radio set aside one-hour program to feed their fans’ minds. I even wrote two letters to the hosts of the program who later sent replied letters to my school. I was so embarrased but joyful when one of classmates gave the replied letter to me, along with the poster of the program. Oh my… What a dummy moment!

In 2002, I still clearly remembered their popularity was replaced by Meteor Garden. Most girls turned to the casts and left boybands. I remained faithful with the band. I kept on buying their second and third album. To my surprise, I did not follow much on the lyrics in those albums. All songs were good but they were too “adult’ for me to absorb. The music was much more complicated, not as easy-listening as that in the first album.

2002 marked an on-off period between me and the band. I was busy with my college and new music taste. I began to love The Corrs, Celine Dion, and Kelly Clarkson. I unintentionally turned a bit away from the boybands. Thus, I did not feel sad when Brian McFadden, one of the Westlife’s personnels, decided to leave the band and went on solo. Even when Mark Feehily, another member, admitted he was a guy, I felt okay though was shocked. I thought the band was going to split up since I know how influential Brian was, but Westlife was going strong. Although I acted like I did not care, I was very happy in knowing they kept on releasing more albums until now.

I was completely at loss when Westlife produced recycled songs from Frank Sinatra. I hated a bit when they did so because I dislike jazz. But still, Shane Filan’s voice has always been succesful in blowing my mind away even when he sings jazz songs. Of all aforementioned admiration and love toward the band, I, and maybe other Westlifers might share one common dislike. I sometimes hate the way Westlife love singing recycled songs. I did not mind when they decided to include “I Have A Dream” and “Seasons In The Sun in their first album, since they were old songs. But when they put “Home” or “You Raise Me Up”, which are quite new, in their albums, I could not deny that I started to think they are not creative.

But once “Amazing” and “Obvious” hit the air, I stopped to put forward recycled songs than their remarkable achievements. They sell 44 million records worldwide. They have million of fans, including faithful lovers in Jakarta. Above all else, they remain together since they have met under Westside in 1998. Their music is so much mature now.

When I knew they would meet their fans for the fourth time, I thought there were only few fans who would stand in line for concert tickets. Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, or the Jonas Brother must have surpassed Westlife’s fame. Would there be people who were going to spend thousand of rupiah for buying concert tickets just I was going to do?

I was completely wrong. All tickets for tribune 2 class, which is sold at Rp 600,000 each excluding tax, was sold out in just one day. I was forced to spend Rp 675,000 for a tribune 1 class ticket, excluding tax.

At first, I thought I did something crazy by spending too much money for this, especially in times when I need to be very careful in using my saving. But for the boys who colored and gave sweetest twist for my teenage life, was that too much to do?

A second chance emerged. After 12 years of waiting with on-and-off modes of hopes, I did not waste this most expected moment. All of their pictures could have been taken down from the walls of my bedroom. Glee casts, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga might become new idols. Boybands era could be over. People may underestimate the boys’ capabilities and give critics to my low music taste.

But Westlife is and will always be in my heart. I can hum the lyrics, sing, and even dance with their music. They make me happy. To them, I owe so much for bridging a truest love toward English language, which brings me to where I am now.  And to God, I thank to You because You make them exist.


1. Westlife, 2000

2. Coast to Coast, 2001

3. World of Our Own, 2002

4.  Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits, 2002

5. Turnaround, 2003

6. Allow Us to be Frank, 2004

7. Face to Face, 2005

8. Love Album, 2006

9. Back Home, 2007

10. Where We Are, 2009

11. Gravity, 2010

Yes, I am A GLEEK!

Glee cast

It is started out with an hesitation when my friend tells me about teenage TV series Glee. But since I am in a dire need of entertainment to kill time during my jobless period, I borrow Glee from her.

Once I watch, I can not stop staring at my laptop. I remember I stay awake until the middle of the night just to finish watching all DVDs my friend lends me. I am surprised to know that some of the series songs are actually my favorites. Yes! I sometimes hear “Dont Stop Believing” dan “Faithfully” at the radio. I am moved by the singers but I dont know the titles let alone the singers of the songs. But then I watch the series I eventually find out that I have a newcomer singer fave namely Lea Michelle, the female leading role at the series.

So, what makes me falling so deep with this TV show? Borrowing a tagline from French-based newswire AFP, Glee, for me, is a world of difference. Glee is a group of unpretty people, Asian students, gays, lesbians, Jewish, disabled boy, pregnant cheerleader, football captain, even a loser. They are united by one language = music.

The message of the series is so clear to catch at. Glee members strive to be stars amidst their imperfections.

Most talented member, Rachel Berry, is not beautiful. She’s tall with big noses. She has the most amazing voice among her peers but very annoying. She is too hungry for fame thus she finds it hard to let others to take center stages.

Finn, a boyish student, handsome, popular, and definitely has great voice. He is the unbeatable tandem for Rachel. But Finn is a wishy-washy person, being sometimes unable to face the world of his own when he has a new gay stepbrother. I think he is an undecided lover: Rachel or Quinn?

Quinn: the most beautiful cast at the series. Slim, ladylike, and fashionable person. I like her unique voice. What lacks from her is I dont think she really loves Finn wholeheartedly. She is always on to something for dating Finn. Also, she is sometimes mean to Rachel.

William= the handsome Glee teacher. Warm, larger-than-life guy, smart, of course. But he is sometimes too old-fashioned, undecided. In an episode called “Blame it to the Alcohol” , he gives a bad example.

Sue= wicked teacher ever, oftentimes. Abusive, bossy, and God-like. But sometimes she can give valuable lessons for Glee members and Will. She is a good adviser though.

Mercedes= sweetest, happily single Glee member. Her voice is like a diva. She is the strongest rival for Rachel. But compared to Rachel, Mercedes is not yet ready to be the real queen.

Kurt = the most powerful, sensitive character. He battles so hard to live as a gay. I regard him as the most serious person at the series, dont know why. His words sometimes hurt so much. Ouch!

Despite the perfect characterization, I think, Glee contains some flaws. One of the thing I dislike about the show, and other typical teenage drama in the U.S, is that almost all characters are involved in love triangle, quadraple, whatever! For instance, in Glee, Rachel falls so deep with Finn but she cant resist tempation from Puck, the bad boy of the show. Then, Finn is in love with Rachel and Quinn but makes out with Santana, the mean-honest cast of the show. In fact, all these characters are in one group. So, its like everybody has crush on almost everyone. Cant the director find other girls or boys from other schools to be Glee members’ couples?

In Glee Season 1, I am stunned on how its cast can perform all songs and arrange them in ways that make me fall in love with songs I hardly know before. Honestly, I dont like Madonna and Lady Gaga. But once I listen to new version of “Like A Prayer”, “Bad Romance”, and “Poker Face”, I confess I start to like both great singers. But still, it is Glee cast versions that I long forward to listen to. At least, I begin to admire Madonna dan Lady Gaga. I admit as well that I dislike Rihanna’s voice. I do like her songs but I cant stand listening to them for long. For instance, “Take A Bow”. I like it so much but can only listen to it for days coz I dislike Rihanna’s heavy voice, I guess ( its a matter of taste only). But when Rachel sings it, I love the song again. And it lasts until now coz I do really love Rachel’s voice.

In Season 2, somehow there are songs which are unable to find their own souls through their voices. Glee casts fail to compete with original singers of songs, such as Katy Perry in “Fireworks”, “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, and “Baby” by Justin Beiber. Glee members cant present their songs with their own styles, like in Season 1. Such kind of songs are already strongly attached with their singers, after all.

Not all of Glee members have good voices,. The truest singers are Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, and Kurt. Puck, Quinn, Artie, and the teacher have good voices but I consider them as okay. Santana, Britney, and othet casts may not have nice voices as others but they are great dancers. Indeed!

I admit that I feel bored with the plot of the story or feel dissapointed with Finn-Rachel relationship sometimes. The theme is actually not so much different with another school drama, like my old favorite Dawson’s Creek. But in the midst of the boredom, at least I can sing, shake my body, and definitely laugh. Guess that what makes a difference. I cant wait to watch the remaining episodes of Season 2 then Season 3, too!