Finding Our Way Back to the Right Path

Our own life is sweeter than fiction. We only need to look inward.

If our lives were home made of bricks, have you ever thought how many bricks it would require? Strong, well-arranged bricks will certainly lead to solid house that stays tall against heavy rainfall or lightning. The type of bricks doesn’t come in easy. For each brick, there requires dense clay that later undergo careful molding. After being put in square-shaped blocks, the clay are exposed to burning sun. Then, the clay turn into red bricks, ready to shape a robust and resilient house.

From the flabby clay to the tough house, our journey undergoes similar process. A weak baby each of us was, Alloh swt allowed us to have grown into well-built human being. With that physical development, emotional and spiritual experiences have accompanied our growth.

Each of us is His perfect creation that gains strength through physical, spiritual and physiological trials and tribulations. Yet, we don’t sometimes notice the loopholes and thorns that once sting our skin and tear us apart. We forget how we once cry ourselves to sleep with heart completely broken. We can’t seem remind ourselves how tears rolling down our cheeks with eyes staring at bus window.

We let our mind remember more on problems, not on how we manage to survive. We count our lives on people’ supports not on Alloh swt and our own soul. We thank friends and relatives on their helps. We send emojis for their time listening to our problems. We forget that even before we open our mouth or type the words, Alloh swt is listening and knowing.

We rely on His creations because He is the Unseen. We can’t talk to Him face-to-face. We can’t get His written message or hear His words that straightly answers our problems. We run to self-help books, positive quotes, hadists, songs, movies and friends because they are visible.

Until there comes the time when the books no longer satisfy our hearts. The quotes convey the same messages. We read the same hadists over and over again. The songs and the movies don’t feel good anymore. And we realize our friends are mere human beings who get bored with our same stories. And that they can get exhausted just to reply our message with sweet emoticons.

The already painful scar hurt us even more with unmet expectations. We can’t believe we feel completely alone. There’s no one who can listen to us as we expect them. In the darkness, suddenly we feel there’s a helping hand that pushes us going up from the hole of a tunnel that bury us under. A ray illuminates at tunnel’s end that encourages us to just keep going. And once we take small steps, our feet get lighter to trod on.

The tunnel is now lost and nowhere as our eyes look forward. Unlike previous misery that leaves us with void hole in the hearts, we recognize something different. We get refreshed and purified. The hole in the hearts is now completed. We now hold on unwavering grip.

Bismillahirohmanirrohim, ya Alloh swt please help us not losing this unexpected gift. Assist us to hang on it as life gets harder to live by, amiiin..