Reading with intention

Most of us agree that reading is a beneficial activity. It enriches our insight, trains our brains and engages us in positive activity. If so, why should we bother ourselves select which materials to be read? For once in a while, we need to put down our books, Kindles or smartphones for pondering over the question.

As technology is getting more advanced, obtaining information nowadays is very easy. Within a few clicks away, the world becomes very near to our very eyes. Words, pictures, and videos of our dream cities, for instance, become so simple to enjoy. Similarly, information stream from even world leaders themselves is accessible. Live stream events through social media becomes ordinary that oftentimes we forget how exclusive it was to get in touch with current events back in 1980s or 1990s.

With quick internet connection provides us room to get to know news and express ourselves through social media, one devastating impact occurs and this has been happening in Indonesia. The negative effect is called hoaxes.

As we can’t control what other people say or write in their blogs or social media accounts, we can do so much to prevent hoaxes having more spaces to tear our society apart. Reading with intention is an alternative way to not only dismiss more hoax potentials emerging in our circle but also upgrade our knowledge level.

So, where and how we start this?

First and foremost, recognize that reading requires our time and surely, we don’t want to spend precious hours reading materials that we know won’t add something to our brain. Filter news, information or books that mostly benefit to our knowledge. We can simply start by reading things on themes that we love the most.

Secondly, get to know elements that make articles carry unchecked, unverified, fabricated facts. Usually, these types of articles provide bombastic titles, use words that will likely excite readers’ attention. Beware when reading these types of articles. Don’t quickly accept what they tell us. Train to check and recheck contents of the articles by comparing them with those from other media.

The third one is enhancing our own reading level. It is definitely fine when we read stories on latest news on entertainment, which movies that get most attention from moviegoers, and such thing. But reading too many articles on artists’ gossips can cost our valuable time and worse, can cause us addiction. At a glance we may feel okay with this because we affirm ourselves that reading is after all a good activity. What some don’t recognize is that reading trashy materials is unhealthy one.

As we practice selecting and filtering which information we read, we will hesitate to share articles that we doubt their facts in our social media network. We will be encouraged to dig deeper which information that is true. We will look for trustworthy media sources that report on the same issues. Only then hoaxes will find smaller and smaller space. Let us get smart in reading. Let us fighting against hoaxes!


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