The bunny teeth man

Two larger front teeth
Small eyelids, pointed face
Lush beard on two sides of the countenance
Bigger, broader, chubbier
How three years have made all the difference

Thanks for the time that never does me wrong
As this heart of mine knows what it wants
The mind has no clues at all

As time passes by
The mind knows the heart is right
It always is

I love the way you keep your words
You easily make me shutting up my mouth
When I am not that much relieved with others

Your calmness is what I have been looking for
This time around this feels different
This time around this eventually makes me at ease

Like a ship after battling in a storm
I hope you’re the shore I have been searching for
To put this ship on a hold
Till you rise our flag high
Ready to set sail with our home imprint in our hearts
Wherever we go in a pair