One fun morning in Jakarta’s Cikini classic area

I want to post pictures of me having fun while learning and exploring Cikini, a vintage part of Indonesia’s Jakarta, last Saturday. I was joining a free walking tour with a number of friendly new friends and a very warm tour guide from Jakarta Good Guide. Here are some pics:


Us in front of the Gedung Joang 45 building, formerly a hotel now it is a museum displaying rare collections from Indonesia’s founding fathers.



Us in a pedestrian area packed by a number of cafes and restaurants in Cikini. Now a creative, passers-by friendly area, the site was a popular hangout place for elites. The cafes and restaurants are still well-maintained by current owners. Very beautiful vintage side of Cikini.

Below: Our pose in front of a theatrical art building in the complex of Jakarta’s Taman Ismail Marzuki, still in Jakarta.




Still in the Taman Ismail Marzuki complex.


Eating ice cream


Our last spot: Jalan Surabaya, where you can find unique and antique stuff.

Thank you very much Jakarta Good Guide and my fellow walkers!

See yaaa!

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