I Write So That I Can Bleed

Writing personal stuff is the hardest thing to do. It is far more difficult than composing pieces about economy or politic. Well, they are a bit different. The level of difficulty is various according to each and every person. At least for me, showing off your personal matters is the toughest of all.

Because it requires me to be vulnerable. Honest. Genuine.

Doing so makes my heart bleeding.

I have been avoiding writing things about my life in this blog. I did share a few stories but comparing them to the stories about novels and reading, they are just tiny. I have been doing this on purposes, though.

Because telling to the world that you are a mess it’s sometimes shitty, nonsense. Because letting people know you are a sensible human being is shameful. Yet writing is a form of therapy. Taking it all out from my head and my heart is liberating. It sets me free.

So here I am.. Roaming, typing words to confuse you all because at this moment I don’t want the world to know what I have been going through at least for the time being.



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