The many challenges in reading “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens

reading difficult fictions

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Do you know how long does it take for me to finish reading “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens? Minus a one-month off due to overloading office works, I take about three months to complete reading the 559-pages novel. A very long reading process, isn’t it?

Apart from the lengthy time, reading the book surprises myself on one fact: I read about 150 pages in just two days. For me, this last fact is an eye-opener in a way that I am still an avid reader after all the struggles of reading the novel. I am still the same bookworm who can spend most of the weekends sitting while reading books. What has caused me struggling reading the novel is that I find it so hard to get rid of those online articles. They suck up my energy. I get easily distracted by the relatively new reading activity.

Last weekend, I go all out, forcing myself to finish the book no matter what happens. So, last Saturday and Sunday I have lack of sleep because after watching football games, I don’t go to bed shortly. I keep reading and don’t put it down until the last page. So I do all that. You don’t know how relieved I am after that. Each time I finish reading thick books, especially very good ones, like ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’, I feel so proud of myself.

When one of my friends ask for my opinion about the book, I reply “the book is difficult.” I tell her that reading Dickens’s book is hard because the surface story tells so much on what the book’s real messages. It says way a lot of than an old grandfather who is en route with his beloved granddaughter to get rid of a debt collector. So that’s why I feel like carrying small rocks upon my head while reading the book. There are many layers need to be taken out to see the real face of the novel.

One thing that I don’t tell my friend: the distractions from those online articles that make the reading process become harder than it shouldn’t be. So when I eventually finish it off, I feel like an amateur runner crossing the finish line of the marathon race.

What is best left from reading the book is that I have so much to say here. I have written four posts about its plot only. I haven’t touched about the themes, thoughts, reactions, and sort of that. So, I can say that reading a book as hard as ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ is rewarded with numerous ideas about it and all that is related to it in this blog in days to come. At the end of the day, it’s all so worth it!




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