“The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens (Part 4-The End)

Mr. Brass Simpson and Miss Sally Simpson are two siblings who handle the legal case of Mr. Quilp and Nell’s grandfather. These siblings are unique, they are very close, and especially for Sally, she has been fond of law ever since she was a little kid. And although her brother is the chief of their legal house, Brass was like the second-person of his company while his sister was like the head. Mr. Brass completely depends his action on her advice.

Mr. Quilp advises they employ Richard Swiveller or nick-named as Dick as the clerk of the company. By the way, the siblings also own an apartment who one day receives a fortune by the coming of a single gentleman. The siblings also employ a young girl as their servant.

This single gentleman, truth be told, is on the search for the whereabouts of Nell and her grandfather. He looks for Kit then sets a journey with Kit’s mother to find the girl and her grandfather. They come to a wedding that sees the unison of the waxing-work woman and her new husband. Unfortunately, Nell and her grandfather has fled.

Nell unexpectedly overhears the dialogue between her grandfather and some guys he plays gamble with in the inn. She is shocked to have known that her grandfather gets addicted to the game and he will ask for money from Nell. She attempts to rescue her grandfather so one night she lies to him, saying that she feels they should be going and leave the waxing-work caravan based on a bad dream she just has had.

The grandfather nods to her advice anyway despite his confusions about the dream. So they embark on a journey again. They meet a group of men who take them crossing a river into a new land. They barely have nothing to eat, Nell feels sick and gets so cold. Thankfully, they meet a guy who takes them in a house of labor which sees a number of men working. Nell and her grandfather, after taking a one-night rest there, resume their journey and they are so very lucky to have met the schoolmaster whom they previously meet, again.

How happy Nell is. The schoolmaster says he is offered to work as a schoolmaster in a more far away place but with much better payment plus two houses, one of which later belongs to Nell and her grandfather. Nell can’t be merrier with all these news. She is overwhelmed for she is finally able to taste sweet parts of her life; having a house which actually an old, dusty one. She has good neighbors who are so fond of her. She has new friends, whom are the students of the schoolmaster. And she has garden to take care of. In short, she lives a very nice place in the new surrounding, many people like her and vice versa.

Anyway, after the failure of discovering Nell and the grandfather, Kit’s mother openly declares her hatred for Mr. Quilp. This fact makes him dislikes Kit and his mother then asks for the help of the Simpsons to ‘banish’ Kit. So it goes. Mr. Brass Simpson creates a plot that entraps Kit. He is found guilty as the thief of the Simpson’s money then is put into jail. Not long after he is transported to a remote place, Dick is later dismissed from the job under the request of Mr. Quilp. Dick gets fainted and for a few weeks is taken care by the servant.

The truth is eventually revealed thanks to the servant’s confessions. According to her witness which is seen through key holes in the office, Mr. Brass Simpson is the actor of all that. He is later detained for all that he does. He and her sister also inform that Mr. Quilp is the man behind the crime.

So, Mr. Quilp sets to run away from the police. He prepares to leave the wharf when he heard some knocks. It’s too late for them to catch the dwarf for he has been on the escape. Alas for him! The weather is not good, the storm engulf him, his body hits the rocks and is later swollen by the mud. His body is found on a swamp. There’s a speculation he commits a suicide.

After it has been known that Kit is innocent, he gets back to his family, receives a very warm welcome not only from his own family but also from his employers. He and Barbara, the servant in the Mr. Garland, is now a couple. Kit, the single gentleman, Mr. Garland sets a journey to look for Nell and the grandfather. Their whereabouts have been disclosed finally thanks to a letter from the Bachelor, one of Nell’s new neighbors, who no other than Mr. Garland’s brother.

So they go. During the journey, the single gentleman confesses that he is the old man’s brother who has been separated for so long. They find the old gentleman eventually but not as what they quite expected.

The old man is seen sitting alone, he seems ignorant when he sees Kit. Even when the single gentleman tells that he is the old man’s lost brother, the old man denies the fact for all that he has is Nell. But Nell, as the old man says, sleeps so peacefully. When the old man leaves the travelers, some sobs are heard for Nell has been dead for two days.

That beautiful, kind, innocent, tender, warm girl has finally rested in peace, leaving sorrows and unforgettable memories for those who love her so dearly. The old man seems to have lost his sanity, he can’t accept the truth, he goes to Nell’s grave so often that one day the old man dies there, too.

The fates of minor characters as follow:

Dick and the servant gets married after she gets a proper education. Dick is now a wealthy man for he gets a heritage from his rich relative.

Sally gets punishment for what she does for she loses her reputation in the society.

Kit and Barbara gets married, raise some children. Kit tells them the story of the good-hearted Nell.

The single gentleman treasures the very long journey of Nell and her grandfather. He meets the guy at the house of labor, for instance.

Though Nell and her grandfather have passed away, their good names remain alive in the hearts of those who love and respect them.



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