The world of Westlife

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happy old days

Some may say Westlife is no more special than a bunch of handsome lads. Others may argue their songs are too shallow to sign one’s low taste in music. But numbers say it all. The boyband has 14 number 1 singles in U.K chart. They sell about 44 million copies worldwide. They have held together for 14 years, one of the longest boybands could ever make so far.

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the going gets tough

By the mid of this year, they are going to call it quit. I am completely sad and will surely miss quartet of Shane Filan-Mark Feehily-Kian Egan-Nicky Bryne. But as 2012 is the year of going forward, let’s enjoy what those amazing men will make in years after they are no longer together. I am myself crossing my fingers for the first album of Shane Filan due the end of this year.

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the Brian (Bryan) factor

So, I create this page to contain news or information ahead and after Westlife splits. Needless to say, I wish I will love and support them regardless which career they choose even after they are not the same entertainers I am deeply in love as Westlife…

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