You know you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm when…


  1. You only think of what titles you’re going to buy every time payday arrives no matter how urgent a party gown or office dress for you is. Then, you will curse yourself after not knowing what to wear to attend formal events. By the time you realize this, your money runs out. But mind you.. for you keep doing this all over again.
  2. A perfect weekend means spending a few hours reading a novel, sipping a cup of tea or coffee while sometimes listening to a good music. When some people say that is a smart choice of spending some days off you will respond it by saying, “I’d prefer to make use of my spare time with my boyfriend of husband if I have one, actually…”
  3. While another bus passenger click, browse their smartphones, you read novels instead. People may say you’re unique for keep reading paper-based books but deep in your heart you’re gonna admit that you don’t have enough money to buy those sophisticated gadgets. Or, the gadgets are affordable but they are too brilliant for a tech-illiterate like you. So, physical books remain the best pal during hectic journeys.
  4. You don’t mind being called as a geek for laying down in a grass while reading a novel while your office mates have a good time posing for narcisstic pictures. When they may pity on you, you firmly say, “Oh, that’s all right. I myself have best time with my own world.”
  5. Visiting a bookstore is a monthly must. Even if you have no money or bunch of unread books, you keep coming to the place. Once you get there, you inspect the titles of the books then leave them in the shelves. This has satisfied your curiosity.
  6. There comes a time when your reading desire is overwhelming. You opt to read tons of online articles in the internet despite the fact you still have some unread thick books. Even after you are done with the online articles, you end up rereading old stories from tabloids that you bought years ago. What about the thick books? Don’t worry, they are still in the bookshelf. You just don’t know yet how to regain the spirit to complete the reading or the heart to abandon them forever.
  7. You are reluctant to visit an eye doctor to get your eyes checked because you are afraid to may hear an ugly truth: that your eyes are now minus or that your minus may add because you read too much.
  8. Every morning you wake up feeling so joyful looking at the books filling up the shelves in your room despite the fact that you don’t really read them all. May be 75 or 80% but not 100%. You believe that they are the best treasures your grandchildren will inherit someday.

Source: personal experiences…

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