How to Deal with Very Long, Difficult Novel Reading

Sometimes, it takes more than a strong will to complete our reading. Indeed, reading is for pleasure but that doesn’t mean we can leave good books untouched for years. And vice versa..  unless the book is so fascinating that we should manage our time for other activities. Here, I’d like to point out some tips on how to remain faithful with what we read:

  1. Before I visit bookstore, I usually browse and do a little research on what type of books I am going to buy. This part may be much easier if each of us our own favorite authors. For instance, I will prioritize to read the works from my inspiring writers, such as John Steinbeck or Thomas Hardy, before I move to other. Only after I finish their greatest books that I will switch to another. Currently, I enjoy reading books from Victorian era and after I complete reading Hardy’s top five books I currently read ‘The Mill on The Floss’ by George Elliot and I love the book so much.If you don’t have any favorite authors, don’t worry. I suggest that you should follow what’s in your mind right now. Do you want to read heavy-theme books or the other way around? Do you like fantasy novels or even horror ones? Google will always be ready to help you to narrow your reading selection.
  2. After you find the book that you want, do have some moments to read the first few pages of the books. I have my own rules to judge whether or not a book is awesome, and this works successfully:
    a) I read at least two or three pages of the first chapter. My most priority goes for any books that start with third person narration, showing-kind of novels, full of imaginative descriptions with poetic words but with no disgusting flowery phrases. Even if the book is really that beautiful I’ll easily fall in love with it on the first page and this tip is almost always fruitful.
  3. Don’t stop reading books because you discover very difficult sentences. I don’t always understand each word that I read but I take it for granted most of the times. I know this sounds not good but each novel brings a certain level of difficulty. And for a reader like me, being able to comprehend and capture the whole message of such a masterpiece has been a success provided that I am not a native English speaker. Oftentimes, I come across very difficult sentences or dialogues about religion views. When I am in this situation, I just read it quickly and admit I don’t understand that point but resume the reading because I keep my focus on the core of the book. I don’t let trivial words to stop me from reading the book.
  4. If you try hard but still get stuck in reading a book, I think you should leave it for a while then move to another lighter, thicker novel. This happens to me when I get bored in reading ‘The Return of the Native’. As such, I purchase ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ to kill my boredom and voila! I regain my spirit for ‘The Return of the Native’. Not only I do finish reading the novel but also I renew my emotional attachment with the work then I end up loving the book so much and as always, I wholly embrace sad impressions from the book.
  5. But even if after you have attempted so hard but remain hopeless, don’t complicate your life. Leave it on the bookshelf while wishing for a miracle that will bring your passion back to the book. If not then let it go as what happens to me with ‘Fury’, ‘Middlemarch, ‘Don Quixote’ and some other books. It’s so sad to see them occupying my bookshelf unread but I completely have no spirits for them.