Some tips on how to find reading time amid busy life

In times where smartphones and computer tablets are very popular, I think having a deep reading time is becoming quite rare. Not to mention so many work that awaits us in the office or homework for students. Here, I’d like to share few ways on how to keep in touch with novels or books although we are very busy.

1)    Bring books anywhere you go
I practice this most of the time. In case you are busy even during weekends, try this effort when you want to read. Bring novels in your bag and make use your time effectively. Usually, I read when I wait for bus. When I am already in the bus, I resume reading novels. Not only this helps me to always have time for reading, this also eases my patience during traffic jams. One thing that we must be taken into notice is that we should purchase relatively thin novels so that they won’t be a burden for your bag, unlike me and “The Return of the Native” (see previous post). This effort enables me to finish reading some books and novels despite the fact I actually spend less than one hour every day. That’s quite surprising for me.

2)    Loyal friends during waiting
Waiting can be boring when your friends don’t show up on time because of many reasons. Many people opt to use their smartphones either for chatting or browsing while waiting for their friends, but I choose to shift my attention to books. Waiting can be a perfect time to continue our reading moment.

3)    Before bed activity
I rarely do this tip because I can fall asleep quite fast. I once read articles that reading can be a good way for those who are unable to sleep quickly. And definitely, you can rely on completing reading books at this time.

4)    Turn off TV, leave high tech gadgets for a while
No joking. High tech gadgets are very revolutionary, helpful invention. Think about how we can manage almost everything with some clicks away via smartphones or tablets, iPads, or everything you have. But also, they can be very time consuming. Relying much on them can make our days be unproductive. And I am no exception. Sometimes, I check my BlackBerry just to find out other people’ status or pictures. Such unnecessary activities. I think this kind of activity making us to become lazy in reading conventional books, papers, I mean. So, I try switching off my BlackBerry once in a while then checking it when necessary. That helps me a lot to find convenient time for doing other things unrelated with technology or social media activity. And one of the activities is by reading books or writing.

5)    Weekend enjoyment
I miss this kind of moment at the time being. When I am not busy, I make weekend as the best gateway into the world of books. Sitting in a cozy sofa while reading books all day long. Book lovers know exactly how that make them feel.

I hope those simple tips can boost your spirit to get back in reading books. If you love books, you will always do as your best to find time to read them all, just like when you like someone whom make you feel you have to meet him or her all the time.

2 thoughts on “Some tips on how to find reading time amid busy life

  1. Yesh. number 2 ❤ *sambil nunggu 84:p
    I used to do number 3 but recently I somehow got some weird symptom which my mind just refuse to read books before bed:| maybe becoz I usually get cranky morning afterward–for staying up late:D

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