I don’t quite know the relationships between this song with my current state of emotion. I don’t even know exactly what do the lyrics in this song refer to. The thing is I REALLY love the melody produced by the drums. I feel so spirited. And definitely, I DO love Phil Collins. He’s one of my most favorite male singers. I came across this song as I translated some texts about Disney movies and songs. The song’s upbeat melody really suits my cheerful mood. I think I win one of the biggest inner battles of my own. For a few days, I was encircled with negative thoughts, endless bleak feelings that even caused my body to have caught fever. Now I feel so completely relieved that I triumphed against that without any significant efforts other than praying a lot. I think biggest war is conquering my own bad, toxic feelings reigning my heart and mind. As we can overcome that, we feel as if we are heroes or heroines.. for ourselves. Sounds too much, but I feel a bit of like that… I’m so grateful.


A Self-Gift

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