music taste

I’m not a musician, singer or even songwriter. But for me, music is my life. It’s the door that leads me to where I am now. Music is the first thing that teaches me how to really feel happy without knowing how to put my feeling into words. It’s my first love, long before I enjoy reading or watching football matches.

As I grow old, I listen to many kinds of music genre. At first I thought I could only like pop songs but later on I know my taste changes. I have a very complicated relationship with music. In my mind, my musical inspirations are Westlife, Bee Gees, Celine Dion and The Corrs. Probably, some of you would ask for questions like, how can I love a band as legendary as Bee Gees but put it below boyband Westlife?

I think my complicated relationship with music has something to do with my honesty. I used to mock people who love songs or singers whom I think “tasteless”. But then, I took those words back. What I mean by being in a complicated relationship with music is that I can easily change my song reference from one moment to another depending on my mood swing. When I feel happy, I will listen to upbeat songs, say, those by Keisha or Rita Ora. When I want to tune in with young musicians, I’ll go for Justin Bieber’s or Rihanna. Celine Dion’s songs are my perfect gateway when I want to feel a bit feminine. Bon Jovi and Aerosmith are my favorite rock bands whenever I want to feel a bit manly. I also love country songs. For me, country singers are my most favorite given their soft voice. I love Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill and Blake Shelton.

For old songs, my one and only love is for Bee Gees (which I currently listen to their songs almost every day). I love Bee Gees more than I like The Beatles. Bee Gees is so skilled at composing melody and beautiful music that has inspired so many generations. Songs like For Whom The Bell Tolls and Alone are my most favorite because I really like their melody. I have no words for Bee Gees as I am speechless to describe how much I love Westlife. And as a note: I dislike classical music.

Without any underestimation for current music trend, I think 80s and 90s are best ever music decades. I simply love singers or bands that produce their masterpieces during this era. Say, I love Bryan Adams, Sting (still popular at this decade I believe), Chicago, Air Supply, and REO Speedwagon that reigned during 1980s. And the best decade for me is 1990s. Boybands were shining during this era with Westlife is my best ever group. It’s the decade of many gifted singers; Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, Jessica Simpson. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion affirmed their dominance in music industry as well.

Probably, you once got negative remarks from people who regard you have bad taste in music. I experienced this because I love songs from girlband Bewitched and UK singer Dido. For those I simply replied, “I love their songs, so what?”.

Whether you like dang dut or any kind of music that may be thought as “secondary class” taste, just keep on going with what you love. Again, music is all about honesty and enjoyment, something that brings happiness, a sense of bliss. And I can feel that through almost all kinds of music. Opening my mind for others’ taste causes me to love music even more. For those who claim to have high music taste please be respectful to others’ preference. If they don’t like your favorite, doesn’t mean they are stupid. 


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