An Open Letter to Myself

Dear Heart,

Happy birthday! Today, you are 29 years old. Not too old to start a good new thing, not too late to get things right. As a year older, you should be a year wiser. Let go all little negative things that burden your heart. Don’t waste your life to mourn failed dreams, unsuccessful relationships, futile efforts over things or people. Fill it up with positive thoughts, laughter, smiles, good deeds to God, family, friends and even strangers. For now on, ease your heart with more prayers. For those who have been around you in good and bad times, take your own vow to always help them when they need you. Never forget to say endless thank yous. Spend more and more time with your little amazing family. And above all else, stay closer to Alloh swt.

Being wiser means you have to comprehend every decision your beloved people have taken. If they want you to stay away from their lives, just do that. You are very far from perfect. May be they get bored with you. Or may be you are too intimidating or even naive. Or probably, they don’t need any reasons not to want you to be part of their lives. It’s okay. Just don’t touch them again. Not because you don’t care about them but because you love them. Friendship is all about comfort dan mutual understanding. So, if they feel comfortable for being apart from you, you have to accept that. If that makes them happy, let it be then. Even that hurts your feeling so much. Friends or lovers may come and go. You already have few awesome friends and lets hope more to come, sooner or later.

Don’t get surprised by being involved in conflicts. People do change Eny. Probably, so do you. It’s okay to be a bit cruel to some people who have done you so wrong. You don’t have to pretend that everything is fine. You don’t have to always be kind to everyone. You can’t satisfy all people. You are not God. You are not that good. If you’re angry, just express it. If you want to end a friendship, let’s do so if you think you can’t bear it any longer. But do that in good ways. Far from being emotional dan without having any evidence. Surround yourself with good-hearted people and leave those with bad influences.

Never stop watching football and badminton games because they are one of your inspirations. Never be ashamed to admit you are Westlife’s big fan as they have partly led to where you are today. Never stop writing diary or blogging because that’s defines your passions in life. Keep on reading novels because that makes you so you. Stay tomboy because that’s who you are. Always make stupid acts because that bring joys and ease your nerves sometimes. Never stop trying because that makes you always yearn for something. Keep on being a stupid person because that will push you to study.

So, be proud of yourself for you have done a lot and achieved many things so far.

Be grateful for a great life you are living until now.

Be passionate to achieve dreams that have yet to come.

And be sure that no matter what happens, you will always find a reason to smile because God never leaves you alone.

Thank you Alloh swt for 28 already amazing years. I can’t thank you enough. I love You very much…