Sweet November

So, November is a special month for me and all Juventini in the world. On 1 November 1897, best ever football club for us, Juventus, was born into the world. 115 years on… and Juve is now a modern Old Lady with long history and bright dreams ahead.

source: caketime.trolleymania.com

Also on the same date, Sydney FC celebrates its birth. And I don’t know how old that club is. All I know is that it’s a quite new. I know nothing about the club except it has my best idol ever Alessandro Del Piero as its front man.

source: mumbrella.com.au

Then, definitely… 9th November marks the birthday of Ale. Well, he’s now 38 years old. He’s the father of three cute kids, husband of lovely wonderful wife, and charming inspirations for a lot of people all over the world. It’s kind of surprises me to see and read birthday wishes for him via Twitter. And of course, I sent him best birthday messages few days ago. Anyway… probably some friends of mine are thinking I’m bit too much in talking, writing, or tweeting for Ale. They may think I look like an ‘alay’ girl, you know, a teenager who loves boasting around small things like have nothing important to be done. Sometimes I think I act that way but I don’t care!

source: juventusclubindonesia.com

I love him, Juve, and now Sydney FC. I love past things that keep me at high. I would llike to make them as motivations to always rise and shine each morning. For them, I am gonna learn, work hard, and save a lot of money so that I can visit Sydney, meet Ale, and watch at Juventus Stadium. Amin…

So, have very nice birthdays ever for Juve, Sydney FC, and of course Ale. Thank you for being my inspirations!

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