I’ll see you again the King!

“A true gentleman never leaves his lady”, Ale says

Sometimes the best way to wake you up from a sadness is encountering a new problem. Like it or not, you have to switch your focus on the matter because it is more important and takes more attention and energy. Such thing happened to me on 21 May 2012.

For about a week I was so devastated on the news that Ale Del Piero is leaving Juventus. I never thought that I could be that unhappy. But a great, deep hole was inside my heart that I was finding it very hard to cope with the reality. Worse, I thought I would miss his last performance with Juventus when the black-and-white squad took on Napoli on the peak match of Coppa Italy or the Italian Cup for the 2011/2012 season.

I didn’t want to miss the chance, the last priceless opportunity to watch him on the screen thus I forced myself to get my television repaired. It had been years that the television was broken and I did not have any intentions to get it fixed because I don’t like watching television given poor programs from local stations. But this Ale factor encouraged me to do that. And so I did. But when it functions well, I learned news that local station Indosiar wouldn’t broadcast the event as it did not have an official license to do that. TelkomVision, a pay TV, would instead broadcast the event, which, unfortunately, I am not one of its subscribers.

The crowd before the game

At first, I intended to start subscribing the channel but my office mate told me this might take some days. So, one thing came across in my mind: joining a gathering with Juventini and Juvedonna to watch the match in Vidi Futsal in Pancoran, South Jakarta. I followed Juventini Indonesia on Twitter and later in Facebook so I sent text messages to some people who are in charge as its spokespersons. Since they replied well, initially I had no doubts of doing that. I would do anything for Ale.

But as days went by, I was worrying about many things. First, I had to come to the place almost in the middle of the night. TelkomVision would broadcast the match at 1:45 a.m, and I had to secure a nice spot thus I had to come earlier as there would be hundreds or even thousands of Juventus supporters, who were present at the venue. What means of transportation should I take? That was another problem. I initially considered to take Transjakarta bus but I did not want to leave my boarding room too early to catch the bus. Besides, I was doubtful the bus was still operational should I have been at the bus shelter at 11 p.m. So, I took a taxi instead. This departure thing gave much thoughts in my head since I was afraid something bad would occur to me if I took a taxi. I read too much stories on rape and such thing and was worried that would happen to me. But Alhamdulilah (thanks God) I arrived safely and quickly. No traffic congestion and the taxi driver was kind and spoke so little.

all about Juve

Second, which was way more essential was that I was very afraid of emotionally getting lost since I went there on my own. Going alone for a soccer game in a sea of male spectators sounded so horrible for me. I kept on thinking that I had been out of my mind at that moment. But once I came across to such thing, I reminded myself on some motivation thoughts which say sometimes I have to do some crazy things to be happy. Thus, I set aside those negative opinions. I kept on saying to myself, “ this would be for Ale, how precious would that be?”.

the magical number 10

So, I came in and felt okay. To get myself busy I chatted with my dear friend Ovi Harum Wulan. So thankful she slept so late that night so I had reasons not to be so lost. I also brought a movie magazine to shield my attention away from hundreds of male eyes probably wondering what the hell was I doing at the place. Hahaha.

The clock was ticking and I and other supporters were moving from the sidelines of the futsal field to the center of the field. The match organizer was hanging a big screen and some pictures of Ale and other players of Juventus. I was already feeling so proud to be in the place. Finally, I joined with those who love the football club so much as I do or even more.

the football challenge

And surprisingly, the organizer and spectators were very welcome and did not bother much about my presence. I saluted the organizer, who did not allow any spectators to smoke in the field. Those who wanted to smoke must move to the sideline of the field.

For some minutes, the organizer played some videos of Ale Del Piero, on his goals, celebrations. All of my efforts was paid off. We sang, yelled, applauded the Captain even long before the game started. That was beyond my expectations. So memorable and very amazing start-up.

juve storia di un grande amore

To gain enthusiasm, the organizer drew some quizzes to win original jersey of Juventus. I was unlucky at that night. But that was okay. A lot of gifts were given to visitors. Even though most of us might not know each other well, we shared so much joy by singing the club anthem and memory song for the beloved King. What a night!

The most memorable and awesome part was that when we shouted to the Juventus players. For example, when one of the event organizer said “ Number 21.. Andrea..” We replied with his last name “Pirlo!!!”. And you can guess that the best part came when the organizer said “Alessandro” then we replied with “Del Pierooooo!!!” all together in such a very loud voice. Wish I could do that in the Juventus Stadium.

It felt so magical when I eventually saw him entering the football field of the Olimpico Stadium, Rome. We clasped our hands and called his name for the last time that morning. Unexpectedly, Juventus played below their performance that night. Napoli, on the other hand, performed impressively with a lot of attacks. And I was disappointed with the fact that Marco Storari replaced Gianluigi Buffon that morning. Play maker Pirlo could not do much as Napoli players kept watchful eyes on his movement. Ale did not dominate ball possession during the match but his contribution showed such a high class. He frequently passed the ball to other strikers or dribbled the ball on his own to attack the opponent. The dead ball specialist had some chances to score from free kicks but produced no results.

the match

Overall, I got what I wanted that morning. A satisfying performance from Ale Del Piero through minor ball possession. Simone Pepe replaced him after one hour when Juventus was one goal away from Napoli. Probably, that what made Ale looked serious and flat to have finished his last show ever with the Old Lady. This was in contrast with his emotional and grateful look when Bianconneri won against Atlanta a week before the match. The fact that Juventus lost one goal when he went outside the field then later surrendered 2-0 to Napoli forced me to move one and start thinking on how fragile Juventus could be. Meanwhile, all Juventini miraculously kept on singing and supporting Juventus even though they knew our beloved team lost. They are very supportive. I love to be part of them.

unclear picture from the match

After 42 undefeated games, the new Italian soccer league champion lost in a such shameful way. So many things need to be done. So much emotions need to be involved for next year. Competing in the Champions League will be a hardest task of all. The squad has to be well-prepared. So, that’s the new challenge that put my sadness away then turned it all to be a duty to always keep on supporting Juventus no matter what will happen.

I did not cry or felt gloomy because of Ale. Instead, I was in a high spirit to open a new chapter of my relationship with Juventus. Next season will be the test of my love because Ale will not be there. And I believe I can adapt very quickly with new faces, like Andrea Barzagli, Leonardo Bonucci, or Claudio Marchisio.

And that doesn’t mean I will forget Ale. I will support and watch him in any leagues he will be on in possible ways I can manage. Thank you very much for Juventini Indonesia for the incredible experience. That was the first and more exciting ones will come up. Now I know where and how should I do if I need motivations to support Juve, especially when I have to stay up till dawn. LOL. Last but not least, forza Juventus, I’ll be your faithful fan as always. And I’ll see you again King Ale! You know you will always have my best support!

the singing goes on

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