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I never thought it would hurt me this much. I know the day is coming but not this fast. Not even after I watched their concert in Jakarta just a few weeks ago. I still feel like flying over the moon each time I recall the unforgettable moment. But this morning I and millions of Westlife fans across the world may share the same thing: so deeply absorbed in a sadness that tears hardly run down from our eyes.

After 14 years together, the Irish pop sensation finally calls it a quit. Shane Filan, Kian Egan, Nicky Bryne, and Mark Feehily choose to go on their own separate ways. I find out in Twitter that they actually agreed to split up three months ago. That means the decision is concluded before they embark on Gravity Tour in Asia.

It’s like a thunder in a very sunny day. I am so much shocked once I open Westlife official fans page in Facebook. At first, I disbelieve the news. But then I check the boyband’s website that confirms the saddest entertainment news ever for me. Still stubborn, I open the band’s members official Twitter accounts. I am a bit relieved since they have yet to post anything in regards with the news. But then I google about it and see a bunch of news, mostly from UK and Ireland-based media.

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I keep opening Twitter with “Westlife” as the hashtag. Thousands of fans cry due to the information and send massive reactions for the boys but no response so far. I myself emotionally share with hundreds of Westlife fans in Indonesia. We are all so devastated.

Shortly, many Westlife fans in Indonesia tweet some promotors and beg them to bring the boyband for the last time next year when they officially leave their lovable fans. I spend most of the day by wishing upon the stars that it is just a hoax. But tweets from the wives of the members implicitly tell me that my dream need miracles to make it happen. They say thank you for all Westlife fans who support their husbands in the past 14 years. So sad but time has changed.

This piece of crap may sound so trivial but I can’t help my heart is falling into pieces knowing I will no longer be able to listen to their new songs and sing along with them during shows. I miss them already so much. Their break-up leaves a kind of small hole in my heart I do not who and when it will be a whole again. I just realize that they are my sole idol who have inspired me to put so much love into English language. Their songs make me to get everything right at the beginning before I choose then pursue my career in related with the subject that brings so many happiness in my life. So, the sweetest memory from my teenage period are waving their hands at me.

It’s so hard to believe. Even one million words will never be able to tell how miserable I am. Music is no longer a mean to escape from stress and pressure without them. I know I will get over this and let them go sooner or later. Whatever venture each of them will take, my support is and has always been for them. At the time being, however, this is just too hard to bear. I admit I “abandon” them for a few years and start listening to new singers and bands but I never fail to notice their amazing songs. In these past few months my love is growing so much stronger thanks to Twitter. Reading their tweets and looking at their pictures make them look like normal human beings, far from arrogance.  Their attitudes during the show proves me that they indeed love their fans.

Lately, I love watching their kids on the stage: Nicole, Shane Peter Junior, Patrick, Rocco, and Jay. From the clips, I am amazed to know that Shane and Nicky are kind fathers, just like any others. It’s obviously seen from their interactions with their children.

Dear Alloh swt, thank you so much for Westlife. This is just too painful. Such a hard day. And may be long time ahead to fully accept everything. I strongly hope they will drop by in Jakarta for the Greatest Hits Tour as their latest farewell concert.

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Thank you so much Westlife. I love you forever. (credit for