A row of small-sized houses line up the left side of a busy junction leading to University of Indonesia (UI). On the right side, a large valley filled with high trees provide green scenery for those passing by the front gate of Depok, West Java.

Each of the houses has a small garden comprising of trees, grass and wild flowers. Not far from the array of houses, a terrace of ricefields can be seen from a bridge crossing Jalan Akses UI.

The view amazes my eyes after I spend about 30 minutes jostling with other passengers from Pondok Indah in an intercity bus. All of the sweats and tiredness are wiped away once I see that. Everytime I pass the houses, I really wish I can occupy one of them.

My new office is very different with my previous buildings. It is such a modest two-storey building, which I prefer to call it as a house due to its small size. I love the building anyway. It is full of grass, flowers, small fountain water. A mini garden, if I may call it so. It has big windows that allow fresh air to come into the building. We dont use air conditioner. Saving more energy, money, and personally, my skin won’t get dry easily. Oh I almost forget something. Our office is just few meters above a river flowing down the area. So the sound of the water can be heard when we have a discussion in a modest outdoor meeting spot in the office complex. My boss said his wife had designed all of the complex. Hmmm, she must be a genius architect.

Even after two weeks working at the office I still could not believe why I joined in. The location of the office is very far from my boarding room in Senayan. That becomes one of the reasons on why I choose as a part timer instead of being a full time writer. Since I work as a part time, my salary is of course lower than that of my friends who work full time.

But as I pass these two weeks, I find precious lessons learnt. I am so lucky to have a good and smart boss. Unlike my previous editors, he is so happy to share what he knows about economy with me and others. This is so unbelievable. Never thought I gain so many knowledge about economy from this very small of place. When I was at The Jakarta Post, I was grasping the subject almost by myself. Now I know why some seniors told me that business desk was quite hard for some cub reporters. They did not get enough lessons on basic economic fundamental. For instance, I knew GDP growth was very essential but I couldn’t relate that with investment, bonds, finance, or economic growth in the real sector. The explanations are not as simple as they seem.

Also about inflation. I undestood what it meant but not on why it defines significantly for the government to determine main gauges that will later draw more investors to put their money in the domestic market.

Strangely but thankfully, I get this all kind of economic logic at this place thanks to best teachers from Reuters and Bloomberg. Supposedly, my junior at The Jakarta Post know these beforehand, they might likely to fall in love with economy and keen on writing about it.

And because of this valuable training, I decided to turn down a translation job from a business television channel. Perhaps, I would get better salary and prestigious position thanks to the company’s big name. But I said no. I found experienced teachers and so much left I long forward to study.


6 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. yes En, like Paulo Coelho once said, “sometimes you find your treasure in the least expected place.” 🙂 glad to hear u’re having a blast over there!!!

    • Cieeeh, yang lagi gandrung sama Coelho, hahaha. Yes, I am just trying to be grateful for everything though that ma be not the best one. Blessing in disguise, a friend once said.

  2. hahahaaa jiaaah ga gandrung en…. tapi gondrong… *maksa* abis gmn dong bacaanku kan terbatas, akhirnya cuma itu2 aja yg nongol di kepalaku (baca: paulo coelho hahahaha)….
    yes, blessing in disguise, itu bener banget, just the same thing I have discovered recently, of how those bitter days in the past have finally led me to where I am now. InsyaAllah, kamu lebih kaya pengalaman dan ilmu, en. Like u said, itu semua ga bisa diukur pake uang, gaji 8 juta sebulan sekalipun. Semua ada masanya… kayak kata guru spiritualku (uhukkk, kayak artess aja yak pny guru spiritual hahaah), masalah itu juga pny umur. Ada yg umurnya sebulan, dua bulan, dst. Kalo umurnya udah habis dia akan pergi sendiri. Tapi kalo kitanya ga belajar apa2 dari masalah itu, ya dia gak habis2… umurnya diperpanjang sama Allah… Trus masalah juga sebenernya datengnya uda sepaket sama solusinya. Cihuy banget yak? weslah, sok bijak aku ini… pdhl cmn nyontek kalimat guruku 😀

    • Wah, bu ustadzah lagi ceramah nih. *Gelar tiker, mendongakkan kepala liat muka Dian sambil ngangguk-ngangguk*. Hahaha. Iya. Setuju kata guru spiritualmu itu, hihihii. Amin. Kaya tapi tidak punya tabungan yang banyak, hehehe. Keluar dari JP adalah salah satu keputusan luar biasa yang pernah kuambil karena aku udah yakin hidupku baek2 saja tanpa gaji tinggi dan nama besar. Toh hingga sekarang pun, aku makin bahagia setelah keluar dari tempat itu. Makasih buat JP yang ngajarin aku sisi laen buat hidup bahagia. Curcolllllll… Hahaha.

  3. Uhukkkk ibu Ustazah… bisa ancur ini peradaban kalo ustazahnya kayak gue hhhaahaha…
    Kita toss ini en, krn seperti kamu keluar dari tempat itu juga suatu keputusan luar biasa yg pernah aku ambil. Satu keputusan yg membuat gue jadi lebih berani dlm mengambil keputusan2 selanjutnya. I am fully blessed. Sebenernya msh menyangkut tmpt itu, ada yg belum aku ceritain ke kamu (kayaknya) krn baru terjadi akhir2 ini, tp next time aja kal ye klo ketemuan hihihih….
    Aku juga setuju, terimakasih utk tempat itu karena ngajarin aku sisi lain dr hidup bahagia, being myself. Now I’m living my life with full of confidence :p

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